Colleges and Universities always found it challenging to locate staffing solutions for the cafeterias. Catering and serving is a lot easier when we can outsource it to a professional body of experts like us. Wait Staffing Unlimited offer the best in class catering staff who are experienced in this area. Our teams of servers can assist your cafeteria requirements to its best. Whatever the number of students is, we provide the accurate number of staff to take care of students catering needs.

Staff provided by us manifest both professionalism and an air of dexterity. You can count on our staff when it comes to complete comfort and extraordinary service during dining. We focus on the following qualities in our staff:

  • Appearance
  • Punctuality
  • Cordial & Hospitability
  • Profound knowledge of the menu
  • Inspection of food skill
  • Observant & attentiveness
  • Quick post meal service