Temporary staffing might be the buzz word today. Companies make sense of hiring temporary workers in many circumstances. You might need to fill positions for short-range projects without the price tag of healthcare and other benefits. We help hire professionals, including retirees who can fulfill your temporary staffing needs and bring in the rich belt of experience your company needs. We offer assistance in hiring without the need to commit to a permanent contract.

We provide our clients with a flexible workforce that can quickly and easily expand or contract with their workload through a supply of temporary employees, self-employed consultants, independent contractors and long and short-term project teams. The flexibility of temporary or contract staffing translates into a seamless recruitment and onboarding process. You remain focused on your core business, while we provide the flexible workforce to meet your business goals. The great part about temp recruiting includes the ability to respond to changing workloads quickly, having access to a major pool of expertise, acquiring standardization of contracts, possessing protection against claims of employer liability (cost of severance/wrongful dismissal), incurring minimum benefit costs including health insurance, workers’ compensation, and comprehensive liability as well as reduced administrative costs.